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Protest Gear for Photojournalists – Medical Supplies
Looking for a guide on medical gear and training for protests and conflicts of all sizes? Check out this comprehensive roundup of medical Supplies, and Training for treating injuries are covered. See recommended items and contact for training organizations to support journalists in conflict zones.
Protest Gear for Photojournalists – Gas Masks and Eye Protection
Looking for a comprehensive guide on personal protective equipment (PPE) for protests involving tear gas and crowd control? Find out which standards to look for in eye wear and respirators, and avoid ineffective shortcuts. Breath easier at protests with the right gear.
Protest Gear for Photojournalists – Body Armor
Looking for a guide to personal protective equipment (PPE) for covering protests involving non lethal and potentially lethal munitions? Find out what the NIJ standards mean, the various types of body armor and how to avoid potentially life threating shortcuts.

Zac Goodwin