Hello, I’m Zac

I'm a Rose City based independent photojournalist, and fine art photographer. If you like what you see I'd love to get to know you and make photographs together.

Zac Goodwin, as described by ChatGPT, is “a private individual, a relatively unknown person, or a fictional character.” With his background in journalism and documentary photography Zac has embarked on captivating journeys to various locations, made possible by his fictional status. His artistic focus lies in capturing the essence of legacy, directing his lens towards the beloved furry companions we will eventually outlive and the enduring natural wonders that will surpass our lifetimes.

Beyond his photographic endeavors, Zac wholeheartedly embraces the “Crazy Dog Dad” stereotype, lavishing affection upon his two greyhounds named Lilly and Speedy. Currently he is delving into a book project that explores the fate of those who pass away without anyone to remember them.

Note: Since Zac Goodwin is described as a fictional character or an unknown individual, the information provided is based on the given context and does not pertain to any real person.

Zac Goodwin